Noir Art Group

Jan, Khaneh, Jan-2010

” Being of the House “


Shiraz, Ghajari House, independent school of cinema


Directing Crew: Hadi Kamali Moghaddam, Mina Bozorgmehr, Kiyarash Eghtesadi

Performers: Students of Acting

Camera Crew: Mina Bozorgmehr, Hadi Kamali Moghaddam


At the end of a course in acting which was held by Hadi Kamli Moghaddam and Mina Bozorgmehr, a spontaneous performance with the following plot was played: Kiyarash Eghtesadi, an architect of archeology, invites thirty students of acting school to the Ghajari house and asks them to revive it. The students mission was to live the imagination of the place,  wearing some old costumes and play in the atmosphere of Ghajar time. The whole plot is played for three hours spontaneously. Each student try to find a characteristic of his or her own Characters, gradually emerge and construct a new plotline. The house is revived during the performance. The students tidy the house, clean the old carpets and mend the rugs. They clean the colored windows and plant flowers in the yard. Everybody tries to take a step towards reviving the house via the opted characteristic during the play. That’s how beings enliven the house and the house becomes a site for enlivening the beings, And forming a story out of the juncture of these two…