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Experimental Documentary- Fiction, 72 min, HD, 16:9,Dolby surround, Iran

  • World premiere in  CPH:DOX film festival, next:wave award competition, Copenhagen documentary film festival – March 2017
  • Video arts presented in The Pill Gallery, Istanbul, August 2016



Janbal, tells the legend of a love story between man and fairy which takes place in the island of Hormoz – in the Persian Gulf.

Mousa, a southern artist, collects the worn-out leg-covers “Paachaks” of native women from the washed-out rubbish found on the shore and recycles them to make his own art. These art works lay the groundwork for a modern legendary story; It has been told that there was a tradition in the past, where Island people would offer the clothes of a dead person to Mother Sea, so she could clean that person’s soul…

At the crossroads of video art, performance and documentary, the movie invites the viewer in the imaginary of Mousa and travel to the depths of the beliefs, imaginations, and esotericism of the people of Southern Iran.



CPH:DOX review:

The rich Persian symbolic world is completely maxed out in an adventurous Iranian film about an artist’s inner fantasy world.

Fables, folklore and Persian mythology meet in the adventurous Iranian docu-fiction ‘Janbal’, which takes place on the island of Hormuz in the Persian Gulf – and in the artist Mousa’s wild, inner fantasy world. A world where everything is possible, and where the boundaries between reality and dream are blurred. Mousa makes his art from old clothes found on the beach, where legend says that the islanders sacrificed the clothes of the deceased to the sea goddess, so that she could cleanse their souls. A story from which a new story about love soon grows. The romance between Mousa and the female djinn (spirit) which emanates before him ties together the many golden threads in the rich tapestry of mythical references, in a film that goes full out when it comes to the Persian culture’s rich symbolic world. And at the same time, the directing duo Mina Bozorgmehr and Hadi Kamali Moghadam unite the ancient myths with a cinematic expression that is both contemporary and deeply personal.


Written, Directed, Filmed and Produced by:

Mina Bozorgmehr, Hadi Kamali Moghadam

Co-producer: Ali Mosaffa

With the presence of: Musa Kamali Chahoui

Edit: Mina Bozorgmehr

Music composer: Ehsan Sedigh

Sound designer: Hosein Ghourchian

Visual Effect: Amirbahador Ashrafzadeh

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