Noir Art Group

7 Steps with Golestan-2007

Tehran -‏City Theatre -‎‏

‏January 2007


Director: Hadi Kamali Moghaddam-

Performers: Farshid Fa t’hi, Parandeh Alayi, Nasser -Madani, Orkideh Ghaffarpoor, Meysam Javadi, Saideh – Farahmand, Hadi Kamali Moghaddam –

Author: Sheykh Moslehoddin Sa’di Shirazi (A persian poet of the medieval period)

Assistant: Farshid Fat’hi-

Editor: Mehran Golmohammadi-

Graphic Artist: Amir Moghaddam-

Photographers: Reza Lesani, Amir Moghaddam-

Production: Noir Art Group


After  a  two-month  course  in  John  Martin’s intercultural performance method in “Khorshid” Hall,  a  performance,  inspired  by Sa’adi’s Golestan, was planned. The structure of the play was based on seven narrations from Golestan, acted by seven performers  and written in seven acts, focusing on body, movement and words.