Noir Art Group

The Legend of the Rain-2008

May – 2008

Site specific performance
Province of Meymand, Zeynoddin Caravansarai

the international “Water Conference”


The Legend of the Rain is a performance that holds Water as its central theme.

It is a combination of environmental  performance, Video art, shadow performance and music.

The performance was staged in some deserts in three consecutive nights.

For a group of foreign guests who came to Iran for the purpose of participating in a conference about water crisis.


Designer and Director: Hadi Kamali Moghaddam

Image : Hadi Kamali Moghaddam- Ashkan Mostafaloo, Makan Kuchaki

Editor: Ashkan Mostafaloo

Players: Mehdi Sadeghiyani- Faranak Samadi- Maryam Mo’ini- Babak Mehrbakhsh- Mina

Eftekhari- Mehran Aliniya- Mahgol Bozorg- Hadi Kamali Moghaddam

Music: Madang Music Band

Photo: BabakMehrbakhsh- Milad Hushmandzade- Arash Pashanj


The legendary figure, Tishter (god of rain) is one of the ancient Iranian legends whose story has been narrated in Avesta. After a span of prosperity, a period of drought and misery has arrived; this is the setting of the play. Meanwhile, in the month Tir, Apoosh, the demon of drought, invades the country and spreads problems in this land. To confront Apoosh, people call Tishter asking him to defeat the demon of drought and restore the liveliness of the land. Yet Tishter is the loser in his first quarrel with Apoosh. Consequently,  he goes  to  talk  to  Ahuramazda,  pestering about  what has  happened. Ahuramazda holds a scapegoat for him and by means of his breath gives Tishter the power of ten oxen, ten camels, ten mountains and ten rivers. Eventually, Tishter defeats Apoosh in the final battle and as a consequence, rain, freshness and vivacity pervades the land once again and People, plants and animals celebrate the event.